Do you love pets? If yes, have you had any challenges training them? Many pet owners are faced with the challenge of training their pets. If your dog or cat pet has ever ashamed you in a house full of visitors, you know what I am talking about. But if well trained a pet will be the sweetest thing you have ever owned. They are loyal friends and will always be there for you. Do you know the feeling you get when you are tired from job, and your favorite dog comes welcoming you home? If not, you need to get yourself one. Back to the main topic. What is the best way to train a pet? This article will give you tips on how to best and quickly house train a pet.

House training a pet


This is a virtue you must have to housetrain a pet. Remember it is still an animal and you are trying to instill human behaviors in it. It might be hard, but with patience, it will finally happen. Try not to shout at the pet at any circumstance. If they seem not to get what you are doing, there is no need to shout or punish it, repeat as many times and if it seems not to get it totally, use a different method.


Use the same procedures on the pet at all times. If you introduced a pee corner, do not change it often. New training methods confuse the pet and make it worse than before. Be consistent on timings too. If lunch time is supposed to be by noon, let the food be at the eating spot by then. If you started alerting it with a bell ring, let the same remain if you want a positive result.

Reward the pet

It is always important to reward work well done. This motivates the pet and makes it want to achieve more. You can decide to buy them their favorite meal or take it out for a walk. Get back to training as soon as reward time is over. It is also good to punish the pet for misbehavior. The best time to punish is immediately the mistake happens. However, avoid shouting at it as a form of punishment. At times when you are away, get someone to continue with the training on your behalf. However, using different people might end up confusing the pet, keep the training circle as small as you can.