Cutting various types of wood require you to find the right saw. Whether you are a commercial timber seller or just an occasional wood gatherer, you need to find the right equipment because it determines the experiences that you will go through. Looking at the various types of saws available in the stores; you can easily notice that they come with a wide variety of features. This is purposely meant to make them suitable for different types of cutting tasks. Therefore, your first task should be to choose the right chainsaw. Since you are the one that will be using them, you have to consider various unique things that relate to your work. This should not be difficult as long as you know the kinds of tasks that you have to accomplish. Here are some of the top considerations when it comes to this.


The guide bar length

The guide bar length is the measurement from the tip of the saw’s blade to the point where it enters the housing. This is also the length on which the chain rotates. What you may not have noticed is that this determines the thickness of wood that you can cut. When the measurement is longer, it means that you can use the chainsaw to cut wood that is huge in diameter. The other smaller saws will still be effective for tasks such as cutting down small trees. Therefore, it is important to look at this length, and ensure that it is perfect for the project for which you will be using the new saw.

The engine power

These saws come with various types of engines. For instance, there are those that use gas, electricity, or battery power. This makes them function in various ways. For example, while electric saws may require you to be in an area where you can connect to electricity supply. On the other hand, battery powered ones can be used anywhere. Same goes for gas-powered saws. Moreover, the power of the engines determines the cutting ability of these saws. As expected, those with powerful engines are THE MOST effective. They also can run for longer without getting exhausted and therefore, they are the perfect choice for big timber projects.

Your safety

You must have heard of people who sustained serious injuries when using these saws. Others even lost their lives. It is because neither they did not observe their safety, or the saws were not safe enough. Take a look at every saw before buying it, and think about how safe you will be when cutting timber. How are your hands protected from the cutting area? For most saws, the brake also acts as the guard to prevent your hand from sliding onto the rotating chain. The best ones also come with protective gear, which you can wear whenever you are going to cut wood.

chainsaw 2


You should always look at the performance of a chainsaw. Determine how much wood you can cut in an hour, and see if it is going to be useful to your project. In addition to this, you should always insist on buying high-quality saws.…